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CILM - City and (In)security in Literature and the Media


This project examines how anxieties about security have shaped current literary representations of the city both in Europe and in the US in the last two decades. Since the “war on terror” was announced, a growing number of novelists has focused their work on urban settings, conveying generalised hesitations towards security: while, on the one hand, many of these novels depict a growing malaise regarding social and private insecurity, on the other hand, they also disclose an increasing awareness about the social and political construction of security discourses and practices.


"Portugal no mundo: além do medo de existir"

The Project CILM has the pleasure to invite you for the thought provoking round-table "Portugal no mundo: além do medo de existir" ['Portugal in the world: beyond the fear of existing'], organized by Laureate International Universities as part of the 'Safe and Security Week'.

Invited speakers: Lídia Jorge (writer), Dr. Susana Araújo (Coordinator of Project CILM), Professor José Jorge Barreiros (ISCTE) and Professor Rui Pereira (ISCSP).

Date: March 21, 6:30 pm
Address: Auditório ISLA Campus Lisboa (Quinta do Bom Nome, Estrada da Correia 53, 1500-210, Lisbon, Portugal)

"(In)seguranças no Espaço Urbano. Perspetivas Culturais"

We have the pleasure to announce that the long-awaited reader of
project CILM, (In)seguranças no Espaço Urbano. Perspetivas Culturais, is now out.

The editors thank all the contributors who made this work possible. Our special thanks also go to the photographer Miguel Silva, for the wonderful photos for the cover!

This reader is an anthology of seminal theoretical and literary texts that seeks to problematize the relationship between "security and urban space", as well as to underline how this intersection generates – and is generated by – "spaces of fiction". Many of the selected texts were for the first time here published in Portuguese: that’s the case, for instance, of Social Justice and the City by David Harvey; Ville Panique. Ailleurs commence ici by Paul Virilio; The Soft Machine by William S. Burroughs, among many others seminal texts on urban and security issues. Each excerpt is preceded by a critical introduction by an expert reader. Alongside the three main sections – “cidade”, “(in)segurança” and “espaços de ficcção” – that give body to the volume, a “Glossary” was elaborated to provide definitions of significant terms within these fields.

The aim was to produce an accessible yet informative text on the theme of urban (in)securities, as a way to promote a critical understanding of urban-security studies  in terms of their cultural impact and repercussions.

Click here to read: Índice, Agradecimentos and Introdução.

Images of Terror, Narratives of (In)security: Literary, Artistic and Cultural Responses

Please visit the conference website for details about registration, accomodation, program and more.

Images of Terror, Narratives of (In)security: Literary, Artistic and Cultural Responses

Special Issue - (In)securities

It gives us great pleasure to announce the publication of the Special Issue on “(In)securities” in Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture. Guest-editors: Susana Araújo and Susana Martins.

Click here to read: Reconstruction 12.3: theme issue (In)Securities


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