Evaluation - August 2010

FCT Panel - Evaluation Panel Statement and Rating 

Criterion A - Scientific merit and innovative character in an international perspective

Rating: Excellent
Comments: This is a very exciting proposal that is interdisciplinary and timely. It is innovative, fits in very well with current trends in scholarship, and bridges tendencies occurring in the US and in Europe. 
The investigation will be of international as well as national interest. It intends to elaborate on a field which is currently in the making focusing on the relations of literature and other media to conflicts, and especially terrorism and war, in the wake of 9/11. 
The project description demonstrates clear awareness of the latest developments in the field and can be said to constitute a valid intervention at both national and international levels. The project promises a high output level including 2 books, an international conference, 14 articles in international journals, 18 in national ones, plus an even larger number of conference papers that should make a significant impact in terms of disseminating research results.

Criterion B - Scientific merit of the research team

Rating: Excellent
Comments: The team relies on the solid qualifications of the PI, who is well prepared to guide the the other researchers. It is composed of a reasonable number of people, in accordance with the tasks planned. The team is well connected internationally and will profit from the experience and expertise of senior researchers in the field. The organisation of the tasks is meticulous and includes a solid timeline. The team also engages young researchers and opens up new avenues for further investigation in a field which is rapidly expanding internationally. The budget is reasonable.

Criterion C - Feasibility of the work programme and budget adequacy

Rating: Excellent
Comments: The project is very well-defined and carefully planned. The PI is already involved in several related activities that indicate success and promise that the current project will fulfill its goals in a timely manner. The plan of work is well within budget, the organisation of the project is in accordance with the set timeline and its outcome promising for further investigation in the field. The team is well connected both nationally and internationally.

Criterion D - Contribution to the accumulation of knowledge and competence in the National Scientific and Technological System

Rating: Excellent
Comments: The project has the potential to contribute significantly to the field both in a national as well as an international perspective. It will contribute to the expanding body of knowledge in an emerging field on both sides of the Atlantic. Its comparative approach (US-Europe) is timely and well justified.

Overall Rating:


Overall Comments:

This is an exciting, interdisciplinary project that is well thought out. The emphasis on the circulation of images, messages, and metaphors between visual and literary media make the project particularly opportune and appropriate. The intended approach to "security studies" within the context of literary and urban studies is interesting and promising; its outcomes will undoubtedly foster new insights in a number of fields (politics, sociology, cultural studies, etc). The PI is active in the field at an international level. Strong elements of the project include its focus and definition, as well as high output predictions and significant advanced training.

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